New Year, new planning application fees…

Legislation Update
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The long anticipated rise in planning application fees will come into force on 17 January 2018.  The Government committed to the 20 percent increase in fees back in January 2017. Local Planning Authorities had hoped to be able to charge the additional fees from July 2017, but have been frustrated by various delays to the required legislation. The amended regulations were finally approved just before Christmas, meaning that LPA’s are now free to go ahead with the increase.

As well as a 20 percent increase for all existing application fees, the new regulations also:

-introduce fees for applications for permission in principle, of £402 per 0.1 of a hectare of the site area;

-allow any Mayoral development corporation, or urban development corporation, to charge for pre-application advice;

-enable fees to be charged where an LPA has withdrawn ‘permitted development rights’ through serving a direction or by a condition imposed on a grant of planning permission; and

-introduce a fee of £96 to be charged by an LPA for an application for their prior approval of certain matters before particular permitted development can proceed.

Importantly, the additional income from these new fees will be ring-fenced and retained by planning departments. So, whilst the new higher fees will mean an unwelcome additional upfront cost for developers, it is hoped that the extra revenue will help provide the resources needed to improve the efficiency and delivery of planning services.

Here is our quick reference guide to what the fee increase will mean for some of the most common types of planning application. Quick reference guide to increased planning fees.

If you have any queries regarding the new fees, please feel free to contact one of the Firstplan team.