Proposed New PD Rights – Class E to Residential

Legislation Update
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The Government has announced that it is consulting on the potential introduction of a new permitted development right to allow the change of use from any use, or mix of uses, from the Commercial, Business and Service use class (Class E) to residential uses (Class C3) in England.

The proposed PD rights will go ‘significantly beyond’ the existing rights which allow change from office to residential use and from retail to residential use. For the first time, restaurants, indoor sports and creches etc will benefit from the change of use under the proposals and, significantly, it is proposed that there will be no limit on the size of buildings to which the rights apply. Further still, unlike many existing PD rights for the change of use to residential, it is proposed that the rights will apply in conservation areas.

The introduction of the new Class E use has already had major implications for our high street. These proposed PD rights are equally as radical and it will be interesting to see the outcome of the consultation.

The consultation ends on 28th January 2021.

See our Briefing Note here….  Class E to Resi Briefing Note