Terms and Conditions

  1. The client is the company, person, authority, or other party to whom our fee proposal is addressed, unless agreed in writing to the contrary. There are no other parties to the contract.
  2. Should you instruct us to proceed with work following receipt of our fee proposal, we will assume your acceptance of the fee proposal and our terms generally.
  3. Any variation to the fee proposal, or additional, or alternative work shall be agreed in writing.
  4. If we agree hourly charge out rates, these are a reviewed annually and if you wish to receive details of them please advise us.
  5. The terms of our fee proposal will remain valid for 3 months from the date of the fee proposal.
  6. Our invoices will include expenses and other costs incurred during the project, including subsistence, travel, accommodation, printing, OS charges, faxes, and any other reasonable expenses.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed, invoices will be submitted monthly with payment being due 14 days thereafter. We reserve the right to charge interest on invoices which are paid late, and we reserve the right to either suspend our services, or terminate our agreement with you until any outstanding amounts have been paid.
  8. Costs associated with other consultants, planning fees, Counsel’s fees or any other indirect costs are to be paid in advance by you and not us. We shall not be liable for the performance of any other party not directly employed by us.
  9. When we act on your behalf, or as your agent, you will indemnify us against any claims against us, except to the extent that any liability arises because we have not undertaken reasonable skill and care in carrying out our services.
  10. We undertake to exercise reasonable skill and care in dealing with matters on your behalf.
  11. If more than 6 years has passed following the completion of our service in relation to this contract we shall not be liable for any breach relating to it.
  12. Our contract is with you, and the services we provide, and all written and other work is for your benefit only and shall not be passed to other persons without our agreement.
  13. If any invoices remain unpaid we will have a general lien on all files, documents, and other items in our possession relating to this contract.
  14. If we are unable to undertake our services for reasons beyond our control because of, for example, acts of god, terrorism, legislation, war, fire, flood, drought, lock out, or strike, we shall have no liability to you. In such circumstances either party may agree in writing to terminate our services with any outstanding fees and expenses being payable up to that time.